SaGa Scarlet Grace Battle Video with Tips


Click on the image above to watch my Let’s Play Video of SaGa Scarlet Grace! The video has some general tips for battle, but I’ve listed some more battle tips below:

  1. Pay attention to what the enemies are doing. Seems obvious, but sometimes you’ll get so caught up in creating combos or gaining BP that you’ll miss something really obvious. Try to stun, paralyze, or kill enemies that are doing big attacks before they get the chance to connect!
  2. Use magic! I said in the video that I was slow to put a mage in my party because magic takes multiple turns to charge in this game, but as you can also see in the video, they are indispensable. They’re also the only way to heal!
  3. Use skills that lower the stats of your enemies or raise the stats of your party! You might notice that I use a lot of attack lowering moves in the video (martial arts, mace, and two-handed sword learn attack down moves pretty quickly), but I also like to use speed and defense lowering moves as well. Spears also have a magic lowering attack that normally is already learned and is very helpful against a variety of foes (not just humanoid mages!)
  4. Protect your party members! Not only does losing a character mean you lose access to their moves for the rest of the battle, but their death could start an enemy combo, which could quite easily snowball into a defeat. Use protect skills like Deflect (two-handed sword) and Block (mace) to defend weaker party members until you can heal them.
  5. Manipulate turn order to your advantage! Most moves have a speed that is faster or slower than a character’s regular attack, so use this to your advantage. You can also use interrupt moves if you need to eliminate a quick enemy (also shown in the video). Using skills with bump, like Hyper Hammer and Lightning Kick, will knock enemies back farther in the timeline as well, giving other characters a chance to attack before the enemy does.
  6. Don’t be afraid to just defend! Sometimes multiple enemies will do counter or interrupt moves. If you’re unsure of these moves, just defend until the next round, or use magic to sneak a free charge in. Most formations will give you an extra BP point every turn, so there’s extra incentive to prolong the battle a bit (although it seems the enemies also get extra BP every turn — beware!)
Powerbomb the enemies, don’t let them powerbomb you!

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