SaGa Scarlet Grace Battle Video with Tips

Click on the image above to watch my Let’s Play Video of SaGa Scarlet Grace! The video has some general tips for battle, but I’ve listed some more battle tips below: Pay attention to what the enemies are doing. Seems obvious, but sometimes you’ll get so caught up in creating combos or gaining BP that…

The Samurai of Street Fighter

Ryu and Ken’s famous rivalry is based off of one of Japanese history’s most famous rivalries, that of Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki. Ryu and Ken are easily the most iconic fighting game characters there are. They’ve served as the basis for countless other fighting game rivalries, including Ryo and Robert of Art of Fighting…

Phantasy Star Gen. I Review

A bright, polished, and fun remake that retro RPG gamers should definitely take for a spin, but those unfamiliar with the series might be turned off by what’s under the hood, an engine that still has that 80s feel.

SaGa Scarlet Grace Review

A turn-based RPG with a highly engaging battle system and innovative answers to some of role-playing’s toughest problems, but these innovations sometimes leave a longing for the traditional treasure-hunting and dungeon-crawling of yesteryear.